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CARTIS® technology

What were the challenges facing CARTIS® ?

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A Process…

CARTIS ’ patented products make it the only company able to manufacture comprehensive water treatment units that are self-sufficient in energy and require no maintenance for 8 Years*.

CARTIS® Technology

Water Quality ?

Water is life! Although the water we drink and wash with is drinkable, it is not always good for our health, as these studies prove.

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The CARTIS Opportunity

Become a partner! Boost your income: become an independent CARTIS® partner and sell the CARTIS® solution to your friends and family.

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Why Choose CARTIS®

CARTIS® is a unique, universal solution, wherever you live.

A recognized system ...

In 2015, CARTIS® was awarded the ACS, the sanitary compliance certificate issued by the Ministry of Health. This demonstrates and confirms the reliability of the CARTIS® system.

Tested by ESCOM in 2014

CARTIS® : a system of multiple possibilities

The CARTIS O2PRO range for your home.

  • This is a filter-purifier unit, highly effective in capturing biological, bacteriological and viral contaminants and other accidental pollution.
  • It is the ideal central treatment unit for long-term treatment of all the water in your home.
  • It is the ideal complement to UV shock treatments for water with a high bacterial content (rainwater, well water, bore holes, etc.) Nominal treatment capacity: 500 litres/hour to 30,000 litres/hour.
  • The CARTIS® O2PRO Solution is a range of high-performance products which remove chlorine and its by-products, and any pollutants accidentally present in network water. With an 8-year life span for optimal everyday comfort, the CARTIS® O2PRO models will meet all your needs, whatever your property type and consumption patterns.

With a lifespan of 8 years for optimum comfort in everyday life, CARTIS O2PRO models adapt to your needs, whatever your home and your spending habits.

details of CARTIS® 8-year warranty

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Water outlets taken into account when designing the system :

  • shower
  • bath
  • tap
  • external water outlet

Water points not recognised :

  • toilet flush
  • jacuzzi
  • swimming pool
  • garden (watering)
  • supply to washing machines

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