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Our history

In the late 19th century, Louis Pasteur demonstrated the decontaminating properties of silver.
Later came the idea of combining the absorbent properties of activated carbon with the antibacterial power of silver.
The methods used did not succeed in bonding these two materials with sufficient stability to prevent the release of the silver.
From 1993, the latest technological advances in the fields of vacuum and plasma environments have enabled scientists to design a completely stable product that delivers all the benefits of activated carbon without its drawbacks.
The resulting process is called CARTIS® (Charbon Argenté Réalisé par Traitement Intra Surfacique).
This process is the basis for a range of compact treatment units that meet all health quality requirements and all needs.


Founder of the CARTIS® company



Who are we ?

A comprehensive solution for your home !

CARTIS® manufactures a filtration system in France that meets all of a household’s water needs : for cooking and washing, and of course for household chores and supply to appliances.
The quality of the water in our taps is constantly deteriorating, for reasons that are widely known : industrial and agricultural waste, and excessive use of drugs are just part of the story.

Quality, health-giving water straight from your tap?

CARTIS® technology has led to the only water filtration systems that use no electricity and require absolutely no maintenance or consumables for 8 years.

CARTIS® works on 4 principles :

  • Filtration of suspended particles (sized particles)
  • Removal of dissolved substances (pesticides, drugs, hormones, chlorine, etc.)
  • Natural, neutral taste
  • Intelligent control of limescale : CARTIS® retains the minerals in the water and prevents the formation of limescale.

details of CARTIS® 8-year warranty