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CARTIS water

Installing a CARTIS filtration system provides you, on a constant flow basis and throughout your home, with :

Filtered water from which any toxic chemicals, medicinal product residues, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses have been removed.

Water rich in minerals essential for health, such as calcium and magnesium.

Delicious water with no unpleasant taste or chlorine odour.

Water that is revitalised and energised by micro-vortices that create beneficial, reoxygenating actions.

Soft water for your hair and skin thanks to its action on limescale.

network water

Managing your Budget

Water bottles

save on buying bottled water.


save on washing powder, descaler and fabric conditioner.

Lifespan of your appliances

longer life for your household appliances.

A self-sufficient system

no energy used thanks to the self-sufficient system.

Save water

no rinsing harmful for membranes and resins.

Intelligent control of limescale

Water hardness, also known as limescale, is caused by the combination of calcium and magnesium.
With CARTIS technology, the polarities of calcium and magnesium are modified when they come in contact with metal surfaces.
CARTIS water is a powerful limescale inhibitor which acts inside pipes and water tanks (water heaters, boilers, etc.).
As it always contains minerals essential to our daily consumption, please note that when CARTIS water
reaches a water outlet, it can leave a varying amount of white marks known as aragonite.
As it always contains minerals essential to our daily consumption, please note that when CARTIS water.

Our R&D Department is always seeking to improve performance in treating limescale, and has gone a step further in inhibiting limescale by adding an extra element to the prefilter. This is an exclusive concept developed by CARTIS.

When using water treated by the CARTIS system, you increase the lifetime of your household appliances and equipment.


On average, limescale reduces the lifetime of your appliances by 30% !

(For a 3-4 person household. Source: household appliance manufacturers and retailers and PWC study)