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A number of scientists have long attempted to combine carbon and silver in an effort to exploit the excellent filtration properties of activated carbon for water treatment while avoiding bacterial contamination issues by using silver, which provides bacteriostatic effects.
These bacteriostatic properties of silver (and other heavy metals) have been recognised since ancient times as we know the Romans liked to keep their water in silver jars.
The CARTIS® process helps metallise external and internal surfaces without using any “chemical baths”, in a modular manner, while also depositing a metal coating in nanometric layers.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Creation of a bacteriostatic effect.
  • Excellent protection against micro-pollutants, pesticides, oxidation by-products, detergents.
  • Limited pressure drops and long filtration cycles.
  • Very high abrasion resistance.
  • High volumetric adsorption and absorption capacity
  • No alteration in the quality of treated water.
  • Restoration of the original energy potential of water

For further information

Download our technical sheet about CARTIS™ carbon