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Installed by CARTIS® certified plumbers

For new constructions or existing buildings, your CARTIS® 02PRO system can be easily installed by one of our certified plumbers. This service is included in the purchase price.

Trained in the specific characteristics of our solutions, these plumbers are genuine water quality experts. A CARTIS®-certified installer will carry out your installation so that you can enjoy the advantages of CARTIS® water throughout your home.

Lifetime and maintenance of CARTIS® products

The entire range of CARTIS® products is made of high-quality food grade stainless steel. This applies to the tank as well as the internal accessories. The CARTIS® device is therefore heavy duty, wear-free and has a limitless lifetime. It is operated exclusively by your network’s water pressure so requires no electrical or other type of connection.

Satisfaction or replacement

For the entire duration of your warranty period, CARTIS® Diffusion France will replace all or part of your O2PRO should it prove to be faulty.

Your complete satisfaction is our sole objective !

Please note that your O2PRO must be properly adapted to your instantaneous flow rate, taking into account any specific or accidental types of pollution observed in your network water.

The heart of the system : the CARTIS® powder

The CARTIS® powder carries out the water treatment.. Your device has been designed according to your requirements and the amount of water you use, in terms of instantaneous as well as total flow rate. The instantaneous flow rate provides you with the water you need for all your simultaneous usage. This means several years of maintenance-free consumption, 8 years with a prefilter and a backwash, for residential use in accordance with the dimensions of the devices and when used only with network water that complies to European standards.

Your cartridge is easy to replace. The certified plumber simply removes the existing cartridge and inserts a new one. As all our devices have a serial number, we keep track of your equipment in our computer systems. CARTIS® will send you a timely reminder of any cartridge replacement needed. We will ensure that your device operates smoothly and that you continue to enjoy water that is always pure.