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The CARTIS® O2PRO solution

is a range of high-performance products which remove the chlorine and pollutants accidentally present in network water.
With a lifetime of 8 years for optimal everyday comfort,
the CARTIS® O2PRO models meet every need for any property type and any consumption patterns.

With its O2PRO, CARTIS® manages all water outlets in the home, i.e. from 3 to more than 10 outlets, on a constant flow basis..

Water outlets taken into account when designing the system :
  • shower
  • bath
  • tap
  • external water outlet
Water points not recognised :
  • toilet flush
  • jacuzzi
  • swimming pool
  • garden (watering)
  • supply to washing machines

details of CARTIS® 8-year warranty

The O2PRO comes with a 4-year warranty (tank and filter cartridge) from the date of the equipment’s first use. This warranty is extended to 8 years when a backwash and prefilter supplied by CARTIS® are installed. The prefilter comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty excluding consumables. These warranties are for residential use in accordance with the dimensions and only when connected to network water that complies to European standards.

O2PRO 100 O2PRO 200 O2PRO 400 O2PRO 600 O2PRO 800
Overall height 242 mm 250 mm 310 mm 370 mm 370 mm
Overall width 175 mm 202 mm 230 mm 270 mm 270 mm
Diameter 115 mm 140 mm 169 mm 204 mm 204 mm
Depth 198 mm 205 mm 237 mm 285 mm 285 mm
Weight 4 kg 6 kg 10 kg 12 kg 13 kg
Output 20/27 20/27 20/27 26/34 26/34
Media quantity 1 litre 2 litres 4 litres 6 litres 8 litres
Capacity 1 m3/h 2 m3/h 4 m3/h 6 m3/h 8 m3/h
Tank Stainless steel 304L
Seal O-ring ø4mm O-ring ø5mm
Nuts & bolts Stainless steel 316L / TBHC M8 / cap nuts

The O2PRO Compact Module

How does it work ?

O2PRO compact modules are manufactured with a nanotechnology-based treatment using cold plasma treated activated carbon.

Plasma treatment

While the role of activated carbon in water filtration has long been recognised, the limitations of this system mean cartridges must be replaced regularly. With the plasma treatment, the microporous carbon particles are metallised with pure silver metal (N6 = 99.9999%) in a nanometric layer. This operation is performed in a cold plasma furnace (10,000°C), thereby creating strong covalent bonds.

Activated carbon, once treated, can not only capture chlorine and other pollutants but is also a powerful bactericidal and antifungal agent with residual properties.

  • The O2PRO compact module consists of a dispenser cap, a main reactor body and a "CARTIS® Carbon" powder container.
  • The O2PRO compact module, entirely made of food-grade stainless steel, is designed to meet human consumption needs.
  • The O2PRO compact module is easy to set up and requires no electrical connection. The modules can be rack mounted if flow rates exceeding 8m3/hour are required.

For further information

Download the CARTIS® O2PRO range presentation sheet