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The filtration revolution !

After several years of intensive research, we have developed a UNIQUE, PATENTED filtration system. This system is currently, and probably will be for a long time,
THE benchmark in terms of water optimisation.

CARTIS® innovation removes all traces of chlorine and pollutants (heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chemical substances, medicinal product residue, hormones, radioactivity, trihalomethanes, by-products, etc.) likely to be accidentally contained in network water.

For the sake of our health, it is IMPERATIVE to retain calcium, magnesium and minerals to preserve the electrical exchanges that create the energy in water. We need these benefits !
CARTIS® water retains minerals while acting on scale formation thanks to its limescale inhibitor properties.

With increasing industrialisation and pollution, water quality is constantly diminishing.

Thanks to its patented, high-performance technology, CARTIS® helps to maintain a high level of water quality and comfort, in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our technology acts on 4 levels :

  • Filtration of suspended particles
  • Extraction of dissolved substances from the water
  • Restoration of the original energy potential of water
  • Restoration of water taste quality

Manufactured in compact modules requiring very little maintenance, our system provides an appropriate solution for the major sources of pollution, identified or otherwise, accidental or structural, guaranteeing superior quality water wherever it is consumed.