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Anything and everything has been said about water : its memory, intelligence, life-giving properties, ability to transmit information, and more.

Water is essential

It is true that water is essential for life as our bodies are 65% water and our blood 80%.

Water is conductive

But what makes these exchanges possible, is mainly its organoleptic composition and mineral content. Distilled water is dead water, it's good for irons and batteries but bad for health.

Water and Health

Medical tests measure the electrical function of the body’s organs; it is shown that the simple act of drinking spring water can restore electrical exchanges and energy potential.

Water is alive

If you want water to become fully alive, it needs to permit electrical exchanges. If these electrical exchanges exist, it means the water is full of minerals, and if it is full of minerals it can be magnetised.

This is actually what happens when water passes through our CARTIS® Carbon

The benefits of water :

It is important to drink plenty every day: a lack of water is the leading cause of fatigue during the day. Lack of water can also result in an inability to focus at work. Did you know that drinking a glass of water can eliminate the feeling of hunger during the night ?

So drink water, CARTIS® water